Joining BHA4 from Taos, NM

Have begun building sterile hood hack

Logging in from the Northern New Mexico outpost. Excited to be part of this international group of biohackers. Thanks for sharing all of the knowledge Pieter and Biohack Academy, for making this community thrive!

I have started a hacked/artsy version of the sterile hood using a Holmes air purifier that arrived last week and a wooden chair for the frame. Basically the idea is to create a sculptural vertical lab in a chair, so I will place the incubator above the seat. I will be creating a plastic enclosure on the underside of the chair, around the filter.

Unfortunately the maker space in Taos is not up and fully running yet, so I am building my own hacks of the designs in the BHA4, with a jigsaw, a drill, a dremel, and hand tools.

I have also ordered supplies for the incubator and found some old cameras (for the compound microscope design) at a thrift store in Taos.

![link to under chair sterile hood hack repository] (https://github.com/micro-macro-lorusso/under-chair-sterile-hood.git)


Written on February 28, 2017